Clive School Fete Event Report & Wem V.o.I. Show Reminder!

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Good Evening All

I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather we are currently experiencing across our two beautiful counties? The temperature is predicted to get close to 30 degrees Celcius over the coming days so please be careful in the heat.

Tonight’s post is all about the Clive School Fete. Now, don’t go hitting the panic button thinking our Bike Manager has opened up a school named after himself, fortunately he has not! Clive School is a lovely C of E Primary  in Grinshill, Shrewsbury and recently invited SSBB to their annual fete. Mandy C, who was in attendance has kindly put together a few words to summarise the event.


The day of the Clive school fete arrived, Sunday 6th July. Steve C headed out early to fetch the blood bike in readiness for the start of his shift, then gave it a wash and polish as he waited for a call out.

By 12.30 we headed for the school field to meet Shirley and Ian B who were helping us to set up the Blood bike gazebo with the mini-moto, display & merchandise, despite a couple of deluges of rain. We were in prime position, just through the gate, so the first thing the children saw was the mini-moto blood bike, followed by their families.

We were soon getting donations “not” rattling into the bucket and as importantly, raised a lot of awareness (Thanks also to Mike the DJ announcer who promoted blood bikes), one woman even showed an interest for a talk at the local WI.

In the short 2 hours of the fete we were able to raise £59.92, although not a large sum in the scheme of things but nevertheless worth the effort of doing the event. Steve would like to extent his thanks to Brian S for covering his shift while he was at the fete.


This report not only goes to show the commitment of our volunteers, braving the rain to continue to promote SSBB, but also in the sense that we are a tight-knit team, as shown by Brian S covering for Steve when out on “Promotional duties”.  The event was clearly a success and we shall certainly follow up the request from the local WI.

Furthermore, Mandy C is also helping to organise and run another SSBB event this weekend. This time it is at Wem for the Vehicles of Interest Show. If you are interested in helping out then please do get in touch,

Also, if any of our privately marked blood bike owners could spare a few hours on the day with your beautifully polished machines, then this would be hugely appreciated.

Clive School Fete

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