Ben Taylor’s eBay Auction For SSBB: Get Bidding NOW!

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Morning All

Ben Taylor (The young lad who had his haircut in memory of his father and raised a LOT of money for SSBB in the process) is up to his fundraising antics again! This time through an online auction of some very interesting and rare items, in conjunction with The Climbing Station (Climbing Wall) in Loughborough!

As you may have seen this morning, if you read the previous post, SSBB now have our own charity eBay account and this is what we are using to host the items. Therefore, all the money raised from the auction goes straight to us. Please take a look and spread the word, the auction has only got 1 day to go and some of the items are going for very little money at the moment, so let’s get sharing and bidding!

I have listed the items below so that you can all see what is up for grabs, you can locate all of these items here:


eBay Lot 2

Jamie Andrew’s survival and rescue after five nights trapped by a ferocious storm in 1999 has passed into Alpine legend. It was a miracle that he survived; but Jamie had to come to terms not only with the death of his close friend, Jamie Fisher, who died beside him – but also with the loss of all his limbs to frostbite. Since the accident, Jamie has struggled painfully and successfully to overcome his disabilities; not only has he learnt to walk (and run) on his prosthetic legs, but also to ski, snowboard, paraglide – and even take up his beloved mountaineering again.

Jamie will personally sign the book with a short message of choice written to the winning bidder!


eBay Lot 3

Winner of the 2012 Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature. I was aware that I was cold beyond cold. I was a lump of meat left for too long in a freezer, a body trapped beneath the ice, sinking down into the dark. I was freezing to death. In this brilliant sequel to his award-winning debut Psychovertical, mountaineering stand-up Andy Kirkpatrick has achieved his life s ambition to become one of the world s leading climbers. Pushing himself to new extremes, he embarks on his toughest climbs yet on big walls in the Alps and Patagonia in the depths of winter. Kirkpatrick has more success, but the savagery and danger of these encounters comes at huge personal cost. Questioning his commitment to his chosen craft, Kirkpatrick is torn between family life and the dangerous path he has chosen. Written with his trademark wit and honesty, Cold Wars is a gripping account of modern adventure.

This copy is personally signed by Andy Kirkpatrick himself!


eBay Lot 4

Ray Mears is a household name through his television series TracksWorld of Survival, Bushcraft SurvivalThe Real Heroes of Telemark and many more. He is a private individual who shuns publicity whenever possible and would prefer to let his many skills tell their own tale – until now.

In MY OUTDOOR LIFE, Ray tells of his childhood and the formative years when he first developed a passion for both bushcraft and the martial arts skills that are central to his life. Having travelled the world several times over, he is no stranger to risk and has had more than his fair share of dangerous and life-threatening encounters to share with his readers. But his life is so much more than a tale of derring-do. Shortly after he returned to England having narrowly survived a serious helicopter crash, his father died. Just a year later, he had to face the death of his first wife Rachel. The book conveys the many sides of Ray Mears, taking us up to the present day – including the previously untold story of his involvement in the man-hunt for murderer Raoul Moat.

MY OUTDOOR LIFE gives us all a chance to share a life-story as rich and as inspirational as a walk in woods with the man himself, Ray Mears.


eBay Lot 5

1 Day of Guided Climbing in the Peak District.

With Jake from and a qualified instructor from the BMC (British Mountaineering Council). In January 2013 Jake found rock climbing as a way to battle his depression and to help his well being. In January 2014 Jake started a website to raise awareness for mental health issues and the benefits of getting outdoors to help well being.

The Climb Out website, Facebook page and twitter are proving popular, there was a Climb Out exhibit at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in May. Jake has written articles for mental health charities and has also done talks for local schools and Stafford NHS.


eBay Lot 6

Century Crack First Ascent Boots & Signed Photographic Print From Alex Ekins (Professional Photographer)


eBay Lot 7

An experience session of climbing at The Climbing Station.

A Climbing Station experience session for up to 6 people (You can bring less friends if you want!) for 1.5hrs. You will be enjoy roped climbing as well as one of Britain’s fastest growing sports of “Bouldering” all with the comfort of your own dedicated instructor.

A date and time for the experience can be decided after the end of the auction.


eBay Lot 1

Carl Fogarty Signed Shropshire & Staffordshire Blood Bike T-Shirt (Autographed at the SSBB official opening at RAF Cosford on 22nd January 2014)



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