SSBB at RJAH Summer Fair!

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Good Evening All

We are almost at the end of the week [A huge sigh of relief] and to help make it that little bit easier, here is a throw back event report that should bring a smile to your face! The report is courtesy of Roy B and took place on June 28th.


The Robert Jones and Agnus Hunt (RJAH) Hospital at Gobowen is one of of the UK’s five specialist orthopaedic hospitals providing orthopaedic and related care to patients locally, regionally and nationally. SSBB were invited to participate in the League of Friends Summer Fair at the hospital. Despite the lack of summer weather on the day, the Fair was a great success with SSBB lined-up alongside the other emergency services. We met lots of interesting people associated with the hospital, including Felix the Fox and Freda the Frog.

Young riders enjoyed the latest mini-moto Blood Bike and older riders approved of the 1961 Triumph Twenty-One loaned to us for the day by Ivan Hawkins.

SSBB is in the process of finalising a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with RJAH and look forward to the opportunity of supporting the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in the near future.



A huge thank you to all of our supporters who attended the event and to the organisers for our invitation. It was a shame the weather was not brighter, but by the looks of it, everyone had  great time regardless. Furthermore, you can be sure that as soon as any progress with our impending SLA with RJAH is made, you will hear about it here!!!


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