Eccleshall Street Festival

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Good Evening Folks

Here is the second of our reports from recent events SSBB have attended. This edition refers to the Eccleshall Street Festival which took place on the same day as the Gnosall Carnival, Saturday 21st June. This report has been kindly authored by Gary C!


Firstly, many thanks to Ben W, Clive B, Mark H, Brian S and Chris P (Later) for their help today.

Fantastic weather, bacon butties, coffee, enthusiastic helpers, banter in abundance and wonderful, generous visitors to the Eccleshall Street Festival.

Was the £20 deposit worth it? Without a doubt!  We managed to raise £317.60 towards group funds £220 coming from “The Magic Straws” alone!

A bonus was the recruitment of one definite rider volunteer, and 4 other potential rider volunteers including a Class 1 police driver.

Many many thanks to you all

Gary C


It is clear from the photos below that both our volunteers and those interacting with them had a great day. Raising such a substantial amount of money is vital in sustaining the work that we do in supporting our local NHS services. However, perhaps more important is the identifying of 5 potential new volunteers, as without such generous support, there simply wouldn’t be an SSBB service.

We very much look forward to those five individuals joining our charity very soon and remember, if you or anyone you know might be interested in joining us, then forward them to our Membership Page for more information!

Winner of the 'Lucky Dip'   Eccleshall Street Festival


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