Anniversary Message From The Chairman

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Good Evening All

As we are rapidly approaching our “1 year anniversary“, the Chairman has put together a few words that he would like to share with all our volunteers and supporters.


It’s just coming up to a year since that first meeting in the Salvation Army Hall (Telford) and we continue to grow as a charity developing a significant reputation, solely because of the support, enthusiasm and dedication of our members and friends.

When the officers meet to discuss our services with NHS establishments and organisations its very clear that we have achieved a standard of service which is recognised as “professional” and all members should be proud of that standard.

Recently you will have seen that we passed 100 call outs. Ahead we have the prospect of additions to our services, starting with Queen’s Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, and that will bring more challenges. We have made great strides in fundraising with our 2 working parties and consequently we can look forward to increasing the group fleet of bikes, giving more members the opportunity to ride a fully marked Blood Bike when providing these services.

Its not rocket science to deduce that with more services and more bikes we need more members! All areas would benefit from more members but we have a particular need to recruit around UHNS in Newcastle-under-Lyme. This can include people in South Cheshire as there is a potential ahead to serve the hospitals in this area that link to UHNS.

Currently the rota needs 28 commitments per week to provide the service. We have planned to utilise roles for more than one service when possible but each new service is likely to bring at least 10 new commitments per week.

So if you and I and every member can bring just one person each into membership, it will make the future of your charity so much more secure, please give it try.


I think we all agree with the sentiments expressed by the Chairman. Just to add, all the events SSBB attend or arrange are open to all members and links to the events and who is co-ordinatoring them can be found on the events calendar, hope to meet you in the future at one of them


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