Rolleston School Carnival – 7th June 2014

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Good Evening All

SSBB have been out in action again this weekend. Our first trip was to the Rolleston School Carnival on Saturday and here is a quick report about the event from Clive B.


What a difference a week makes, especially to the weather! Yesterday SSBB attended the Rolleston School Carnival. My wife Gill, who works there had a stall for Tumaini Ltd, so we tagged on to it. The weather forecast wasn’t good, but it was dry and warm when we went out, until someone said the sun was coming out!!!

Thunder, lightning, horizontal rain, monsoons and that was the good bit! Stalls start floating away, ground floods and looks like something from the WW1 trenches, Bob starts coughing away merrily, I fell off a kerb and (I hope only) twisted my ankle. All Gill’s stuff got drenched, but we actually enjoyed it, not just because of the cakes and burgers and as usual, Andrew Griffiths MP and his wife Kate always gave us 10 mins of their valuable time, for which we all appreciate greatly.

On packing up, obviously the sun came out and we had a Spitfire flyover. Oh well, all ended well! Is it A&E tomorrow?

P.s. the dog wasn’t mine, it was an Inspector Clouseau moment!


The dog is actually Clive’s Guide Dog which always amazes passers by when they realise he rides a motorcycle!!! (I joke of course!!) 😛

Anyhow, well done to Clive, Rob and Gill for braving the adverse weather and raising our profile further in the east of Staffordshire.

Rolleston School 2   Rolleston School 2



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