SSBB Bask In The Castle! Tutbury Event Review

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Good Morning All

Sorry I didn’t manage to publish this review last night, I just had one too many jobs to do! Anyhow, here is the review of the Tutbury Castle Event which took place this Sunday. The author for this review is our Bike Manager, Clive!


On Sunday 1st June, after much confusion over whether the event was on or it wasn’t, we attended Tutbury Castle food and craft fair at Tutbury near Burton on Trent.

It was an absolutely beautiful summers day in an fantastic setting. The castle, for those who don’t know, is famous for holding Mary, Queen of Scots before she was sent down to London for trial. It is at the top of a hill and dominates the area with tremendous views in all directions. The castle itself, despite being part habitable, is generally a ruin, but has lots of interest for history buffs!

SSBB were positioned in the inner keep, close to the entrance so everyone had to walk past us! I think the star of our group was David Smith who made Arkwright (Open all hours) look like an amateur as he swooped on just about everyone! The only thing he didn’t do was turn them upside down and shake them!

We all came away with sunburnt faces and bags of excellent assorted foods off the stands, made lots of new friends and took an incredible £215 in the buckets.

More so, Lesley Smith who is curator at the castle (Seen regularly on TV dressed as various characters from Mary, Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth 1st) and her aide Harriette Evans, would like to support and promote us, so it looks like we will be in regular attendance at the Castle…there is even talk of a dinner being put on for us in the grounds! So, have any of you got suits that fit!

Please see Tutbury Castle on Facebook and like there page, as in turn it will help us.

We look forward to next time. Clive


Well having rad that, it looks like I am going to have to dust my suit off, and perhaps loose a pound or two to fit back into it! Anyhow, if any of our supporters hear of events that we are not yet attending (See our calendar for details) but think it might be worthwhile attending, then do please get in touch in any of the usual ways!

Tutbury Castle 1   Tutbury Castle 2



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