Staffordshire County Show 2014 – The Review!

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Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

Helen B is rapidly becoming the regular guest author for this site! She has kindly penned another short review. this time regarding  SSBB’s recent visit to a slightly soggy Staffordshire County Show!


The English climate was it’s usual unpredictable self over the last two days and visitors to this year’s show were subject to cloudy skies and rain and drizzle.

However the weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the children that visited our show stand and queued for a chance to sit on the mini blood bike. Huge amounts of stickers were given out and loads of photographs taken. Chloe and her parents were very supportive of our charity and welcomed a picture opportunity (See below!)

We were very kindly allocated space on Bagshaws Property Specialists and Ansons Solicitors stand and we thank them for the opportunity of raising the awareness of our new service to this year’s show visitors. They are both sponsors of SSBB and we are very appreciative of their support.


I couldn’t have put it better myself Helen!

 Staffordshire County Show 2  Staffordshire County Show 4Staffordshire County Show 3

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