Buddy Runs – A Useful Training Tool For SSBB!

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Good Evening All

Have you heard of “Buddy Runs“? They are a useful training tool that Shropshire & Staffordshire Blood Bikes have been utilising for some time to help our volunteer riders. Here is a summary of the purpose and implementation of one of these buddy runs from SSBB Committee Member and buddy rider, Sandy:

New riders, having done their “Advanced” rider training and “Assessed” by our resident standards manager (Bike Manager, Clive), still need to be shown the ropes and “Buddy Rides” are an important part of that training. I arranged with one of our newest volunteer riders, Gary, to meet at “Dinkies Dinner” at 10 o’clock on a dull Sunday morning with rain threatening.

After spending some time going over the process involved with receiving a “Shout” from our controller, we departed for Bridgnorth Maternity Hospital where we had a quick chat and introduction with the staff on duty. This was followed with a trip to the Telford Princess Royal Hospital with a visit to the “Switchboard” room where we regularly collect packages, from the ladies and gents on duty, to take to the Pathology Laboratory  at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

The rain started as we left Telford but did not last long, but the trip down the remains of the M54 and A5 was a bit windy!! As we went around the Shrewsbury bypass we made a short diversion down the Hanwood road to visit the Hometyre Unit so that Gary could see where the marked bike is presently stored and then on to the Path Lab at Shrewsbury where most of our deliveries are made.

Gary felt that the trip was an excellent way of introducing the service to new riders and is now looking forward with confidence to doing it on his own.




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