SSBB Meet The Severn Hospice

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Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen

If you’re a regular follower of SSBB, as I’m sure you are, you will remember Howie’s Egg Run which started with a small target of 100 eggs and then went ballistic! Well besides the Princess Royal (PRH) and Royal Shrewsbury (RSH) Hospitals we also popped a few eggs over to the Severn Hospice.

Last week we were invited to go to the Telford Hospice to meet the nursing team led by Heather Palin, Director of Patient Services and Russ, Sandy and Chris were there to show and discuss our current service for the local hospitals. We were also able to learn about the nursing provision offered for families who have needs in their own homes and from this we have agreed to discuss how SSBB might support the hospice in the future.

To complete the introductions our guys are off to the Bicton Hospice to meet their team later this month. Hopefully they will be as photogenic as they were this week?

Severn Hospice

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