Huge Thank You to the RATS MCC (Telford)

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Good Evening All

Our supporters have been out and about again this week, with our very own Chairman visiting the RATS MCC in Telford.

The group formed as a Triumph Owners Club but some other makes have crept in over the years! They have regular rideouts, frequently into Wales, where the members have explored and noted some of the best roads for biking. Many are now favourites with the group as are “watering holes” and view points. Several of the RATS were in the Snowdon Challenge raising over £1,000 for SSBB and the club have now followed this with their own donation of £300.

The money is raised very simply by members putting a £1 in the collection, per head-per ride, and this has resulted in the donation. Chris was invited to present SSBB to the members and showed the 1960s documentary which featured a Triumph T21 or ‘Bathtub‘ as they were nicknamed. Questions and discussion brought highlighted SSBB as a organisation having only volunteer staff and the speed with which SSBB has achieved an operating service, group bikes and full charity status. The pictures show members ‘taking refreshment’ whilst Michael Burke on behalf of RATS MCC presents the cheque to Chris and Shrops & Staffs Blood Bikes.




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