Urgent Request For Help This Weekend (26th & 27th April)

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Good Morning All

I hope you are well? Sorry there has not been a post on the website recently, things have been a little hectic. I will endeavor to compose a summary blog of everything we have been up to since the last post during the next week or so! Almost daily updates can be found on both our Facebook and Twitter pages! However, we move onto slightly more pressing issues.

As you may be aware, SSBB will be very busy this weekend. Not only will be providing our usual service to the hospitals in our area, but we have also been invited to attend the Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford as well as the Bike 4 Life Festival at Meole Brace and RAF Cosford. In order to adequately fulfil these invitations, we really need some help from our supporters, therefore:

1. Can you attend the Classic Bike show for a few hours Saturday or Sunday to promote SSBB?
2. Are you riding in the B4L ride out, if so is yours a marked bike and would you like to help promote SSBB?
3. Can you spare a few hours on Sunday to promote SSBB on our stand at B4L at RAF Cosford?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, could you please get in touch with us ASAP as we would be truly grateful.

If you would like to see which events we are attending for the rest of the year, which will give you further opportunities to support SSBB, then please visit the events page of the website here. This will be continually updated as and when other events are agreed upon.

Thanks in advance.

Bike for Life    Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show

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