SSBB at the “Mass Breast Feed”

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Good Evening Folks

On Saturday 15th March, a “Mass Public Breast Feed” took place in Rugeley, Staffordshire. It was in support of Emily Slough and every other breast feeding mum who chooses to feed their young ones in public. The event attracted thousands of supporters and was also attended by several SSBB members, namely Mark S and Ben W.

Mark along with his blood bike and “Breast milk freezer box” on board generated a massive interest in donating breast milk from the mums present and highlighted the real need for donor breast milk to the media who were in attendance! In fact, Mark found himself on Central News as a result!

Furthermore, another of our riders Ben announced after the event that his Blood Bike, used with Shropshire & Staffordshire Blood Bikes, will be named Matilda Jane in recognition of the daughter of Emily who began this campaign. Everyone at SSBB thinks this is a very touching gesture and we look forward to seeing Matilda Jane in action! Ben has promised to send us a picture or two once the sign-writing has been completed!

Finally, just to reiterate, SSBB and many other Blood Bike groups across the country transport not only blood products but also donated breast milk for use in neonatal units in hospitals throughout the UK.

Research has demonstrated that by being fed breast milk, there is an improved reduction of infection and other problems which can occur in sick or premature babies due to its special anti-infective properties; this increases their chances of survival and helps their long term development. Unfortunately breast milk is not always available from a mother due to insufficient supply, maternal illness or geographical separation from the baby. Using donor breast milk is a safe alternative and SSBB take huge pride in transporting this “Liquid Gold” across our two counties!

Mass Breast Feed 1   Mass Breast Feed 4   Ben Wilkes onboard Matilda Jane

Left: Thosands gather for the Mass Breast feed with Mark’s bike at the centre of it all!
Centre: mark with his “Breast Milk Freezer Box”
Right: Ben’s newly named bike, Matilda Jane


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