Brian Smith – Eternal Fundraiser?

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Afternoon All

I received an email from Brian Smith who got in touch to let us know how his fundraising efforts for SSBB are continuing (Read about Brian’s previous endeavors here).

He informed us that, since January, he raised another £202 by selling some of his old army kit, bike kit and one or two other bits and pieces!!!

Brian would like to thank Steve Poulton at the Bird in Hand Ironbridge, who very kindly donated a meal for two which was raffled last week at Johnson Controls. A total of £175.50 was raised to go Brain’s bike fund (Which he will later donate to SSBB!). Brian would also like to thank everyone at JCA who bought tickets and a special mention to Debs in the canteen who “persuaded” lots of people to buy a raffle ticket!

Keep up the great work Brian!

We really appreciate the hard work all of our volunteer fundraisers put in to ensure SSBB can continue to provide our vital service. Without our fundraisers, we simply would not have a service, so THANK YOU!

The Bird in Hand   Johnson Controls


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