SSBB Test Ride a Triumph Trophy!

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Good Morning Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed the good weather we experienced across the West Midlands yesterday? SSBB made the most of the excellent riding conditions by conducting a test ride on a potential new group machine!

Seven SSBB volunteers, mostly committee members, conducted a test of the Triumph Trophy by completing another familiarity run to Chester Milk Bank.

We ran the Trophy cross-country to the Countess of Chester hospital to verify the pick up point for the milk bank. Swapping bikes on route, five different riders were able to appraise the Trophy before we arrived at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire to check the neonatal unit location.

Everyone enjoyed the ride in glorious weather with no no mishaps occurring, although Andy W might get an ASBO for loud music after finding the radio on the Trophy works really very well!

Finally, we would like to thank Carrie and the team at Staffordshire Triumph for their exceptional hospitality and for arranging this test ride for us. Suffice to say we were all impressed with the bike! Furthermore, everyone at SSBB sends our best wishes to Carrie and her husband for their forthcoming first child!

Trophy Test Ride 2   Trophy Test Ride 1   Trophy Test Ride 3



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