SSBB Acquires 3rd Group Bike!

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Evening One & All

SSBB has acquired a third blood bike! Not bad for a group still far less than a year old! The latest acquisition is a Yamaha FJR1300 and will become the groups second operational machine. The bike has cost £4000 (Which considering its relatively low mileage and whole host of extras) shows real value for money. The bike was a private vehicle but has been used recently on operations for neighbouring blood bike group, The Midland Freewheelers.

As you can see from the pictures below, the bike is in superb condition, has been maintained to an excellent standard and has no known faults. Furthermore, we have saved a significant amount of money when you consider the purchase and professional application of the reflective decals and SSBB logos would cost in the region of £500 alone and this is before you even consider the costs related to the specially designed blood box carrier already fitted to the rear! As you will see, the bike does have integrated blue lights, but these will be disabled for operations and only used for fundraising purposes.

The bike has now been ridden to a secure location and will be checked over by the groups mechanics, insured and then made available to our riders to help complete our ever growing number of call outs. It has not yet been decided where this particular machine will be situated, with our other operational group machine currently located in Shrewsbury.

FJR1300 2   FJR1300 3   FJR1300 1


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