Generous Donations!

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Evening All

This week we have received some news great from a volunteer who has “Been on a mission!” to raise funds for SSBB. In recent weeks, Brian Smith has managed to get two local companies to significantly add to the funds he has raised on our behalf.

1) GESIPA Blind Riveting Systems Ltd donated £100.

2) A.I.S (Coalport) Ltd, Acorn Industrial Services have donated £150.

Furthermore, Mr Wes Ball (A Manager at the company where Brian works) has set up a standing order to pay £20 per month for the rest of the year into “Brian’s bike fund” which will all be donated to SSBB at the end of the year!!!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have donated to SSBB, past, present and future, and to Brian for all of his hard work in spreading our message and encouraging others to do the same.

GESIPA      acorn


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