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Evening One & All

At SSBB we have taken our “Duty of care” to heart and given our volunteers every opportunity to become safe, reliable and confident riders, capable of “Delivering” the service.

Our partners in the NHS have contributed to our training and last Saturday (1st February) Mike Taylor at RSH delivered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) training to 10 rider volunteers. If like me you had no idea what GMP training is, for blood bikers, it revolves around ensuring the riders lift and transport items as safely as possible. This includes safety of the package as well as the safety of themselves!!!  For example, how to lift a fully laden blood box correctly, which may seem trivial, but is quite important as these can weigh a significant amount!

In addition Mike gave our guys an insight into the hospital operation we support, explaining why samples and blood products need to be moved urgently. If our volunteers were ever in doubt about their contribution it disappeared rapidly with Mike’s training!

In this picture taken by Chris (In no particular order!), are Mike, Duncan, Ben, Andy, Dave, Howard, Jonathan, Steve, Roy and Brian.

GMP Training

If you are a volunteer and interested in this GMP training, please get in touch with us as we have another training session this Saturday (8th February). The workshop last around an hour.


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