SSBB’s Launch Party = Top Night!

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Good Evening All

I am hoping everyone has now recovered from what was a fabulous launch party held at Lynn’s Raven Cafe last night (25th January 2014)! The food (Chilli or Hotpot) provided by Lynn and her team was superb and the live music from our resident “House band” Stormridden a real treat!

Several of the group blood bikes were on show providing their own type of “Disco lighting!“. The food and entertainment obviously got everyone “In the mood” as by the end of the evening it was revealed a huge £1500 had been raised! The raffle was a real hit due to the incredibly generous items donated by Staffordshire Triumph, which included a £250 Triumph clothing voucher!

All in all everyone appeared to have a great evening and most importantly it raised a HUGE sum of money for the charity.  If you add together all the donations over the entire “Launch week“, SSBB have raised in the order of £4000, which is equivalent to half a new blood bike!!! As a result of this, the Chairman, Chris Powdrill wanted to personally thank all our volunteers and supporters through an open thank you letter below:


Looking back to that first meeting in Telford 6 1/2 months ago, we wanted to try and form a group and that was about all we knew. Since then, we have grown as a organisation, as friends and fellow bikers to a point where this week saw #SSBB go live!

All along there have been supporters for our group and it’s aims, bringing expertise, elbow grease and funds. Without you we couldn’t have reached the point, as we have this week, of supporting the NHS and our local communities.

After discussions and seeing evidence of 2-5 callouts per week, SSBB entered our first agreement with Telford and Shrewsbury hospitals. People don’t get ill to a pattern though and this, our first week as an operational group, has seen 10 callouts in 6 days! We were able to respond to each and every one of these calls, proving our training and systems worked as planned. Someone in hospital needed our service and we delivered.

This is what Blood Bikes is all about and it works because of YOU our SUPPORTERS and VOLUNTEERS.

Thank you and best wishes
Chris Powdrill (Chairman SSBB)


As this event was such a success, Andy our Fundraising Coordinator, is looking into the possibility of further such events throughout the rest of the year! Keep you eyes peeled to our website, Facebook page or Twitter feed for details!

Launch Party 4   Launch Party 5

Launch Party 3   Launch Party 1


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