Chairman’s Report

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Good Evening Everyone

Below is the Chairman’s report from last night’s Christmas function. I thought I would share it with you all, to give our supporters who couldn’t make it to the meeting, an update on the group’s recent progress.

“The activity of the last month or so has centred on our ability to maintain fundraising and to progress towards a team of assessed riders. There seemed to be a dip coming but we have more than reversed this and we are now facing a good calender of confirmed fundraising activities”.

“The rider/ controller team continue to build in number and our preparation looks to be on track. Ahead there is now a minuted need by the NHS to transport samples between Telford and Shrewsbury from 1st Jan 2014. They are also ready to support a trial”.

“Our real challenge was highlighted by our event in Shrewsbury, which is to inform the general public of our work and to attract sponsorship. We are working hard in this area, particularly in our personal communities, but need help with these activities on a wider scale. We will thus be welcoming two professionals to our team in the new year in order to help achieve this”.

Commitment is how things get done and I have to thank each and everyone of our supporters for the responses that you make that keep SSBB vibrant and progressive. A look at our calender for the first half of 2014 gives us all plenty of opportunity to continue that support”.

“Hope you all enjoy the festive period. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Cheers Chris
Chairman SSBB


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