Honda ST1100 (Pan European) For Sale: Any Takers?

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Good Evening All

The committee have taken the executive decision to sell the Pan European (ST1100) that was generously donated to us a couple of months ago. The donor has been informed and is happy with the decision. We have had the vehicle assessed by several mechanics and after consultation, we feel that the expenditure required to bring the machine up to the NABB standard is more than we can justify at this current moment in time.

Instead, we plan to raise some funds by selling the machine and putting this towards purchasing a more viable bike, such as the ST1300 we recently purchased from the Midland Freewheelers.

That said, the ST1100 would make an ideal machine in the hands of the  right owner, so if you or someone you know might be interested, please take a look at our eBay listing of the machine which lists all the necessary details.

The hope is to have two fully working machines (One for each county) come the New Year! Ambitious, perhaps, but through the commitment of our members I am confident we can make this happen!

Right Side   Left Side


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