Successful October Meeting!

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Good Evening All

Wednesday night saw the group undertake its second group meeting. This took place at The Old Smithy in Eccleshall and the committee would like to thank the owners for use of their facilities.

This meeting attracted 27 people, which was up on the number who attended last months meeting. This is very encouraging news. During the hour long meeting several topics were discussed including:

1. A welcome to those “New” to the group
2. Progress made by SSBB to date (Including very exciting news, more of which will follow in a later post!)
3. An update on our HMRC Charity Number application (Hopefully only 2 weeks away from securing this)
4. Financial report (We have currently raised just over £3000!)
5. Social Media report (An overview of the group’s online activities and outlets was given inc this website, Facebook and Twitter)
6. Fundraising report (With the announcement of a new “Press Officer!” – Mark “Bloke” Hopley)

The floor was then open to anyone wishing to ask a questions and these were answered by members of the committee. It was decided as a result that meetings would become a monthly occurrence to keep all of our volunteers and supporters informed (In addition to our social media streams) about the groups activities.

Feedback from those who attended the meeting regarding its structure and content would be greatly appreciated. We have already received some from one supporter which we are working with to improve next month’s meeting!


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