SSBB Making Waves at JCB Academy!

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Good Afternoon All

On Saturday 5th October, SSBB were invited to present a stand at the JCB Academy Open Day.

During the day, we were  able to present SSBB to staff, governors and parents of prospective students. The students had a competition to spot the technological differences between the Triumph “Bathtub” from 1961 and the Triumph Trophy of 2013. When asked which they liked the best, almost all the students chose the older machine whilst parents, especially dads, chose the Trophy. We received thanks from Principal Jim Wade, director Paula Guillet who is our contact at the Academy and Davis Bell, chairman of the governors.

Clive and Chris went “back to school” the following week to present SSBB to an assembly full of students, appearing in full riding gear as Darth Vader and friend! It got the students engaged and interested in our cause and they will be putting forward ideas for promotion and publicity for SSBB as well as planning some “Fun-d-raising” Events.

We will be supporting these events over the next year (We will of course keep you all posted!) and offering technical and operational support with the Blood Box carrier project. This is a project which, if successful, will see JCB students designing and building SSBB a blood box carrier for our growing fleet of vehicles!

I am sure you will all agree this is a very exciting step and everyone at SSBB would like to thank the JCB academy for their support!

DSCF0007   dscf00081.jpg


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