SSBB at Birmingham Women’s Hospital

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Morning Again!

Three members of the SSBB committee (Clive, Paul and Chris who is not pictured) went to Birmingham Women’s Hospital (BWH) this week to forge new links between the organisations.

The two ladies in the photo are Anne and Jennifer (On the bike) who have run the Milk Bank at the BWH for over 20 years. They used to have a car allocated to enable them to collect the milk, but this provision is no longer in place. This is where SSBB come in! We join 3 other blood bikes groups in collecting for the “bank” helping to keep the service alive. Becky Williams the manager of the Milk Bank said “The clinical evidence is that premature babies do perform better if breast milk is available for feeding” and “using blood bike groups has widened our catchment and brought more donors forward”.

We are very pleased to be able to support such an incredibly important operation and we look forward to completing our first “Milk Runs” in the very near future!

BWH Milk Bank

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