Triumph Twenty One “Bath Tub”

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Good Evening All

Chris had the chance this week to ride this beautiful Triumph “Bathtub” (Picture: Left) which is the bike featured in one of the first ever documentaries about blood bikes. According to our chairman, the “Tub” goes remarkably well for its age and size (350cc) but has brakes that leave you panicking!

In the picture to the right, you can see one of the first “Blood bike riders” on a Triumph Twenty One wearing a rucksack to carry the blood! Contrast this to a modern blood bike such as the one we had at the Greedy Pigs Rally last week and you can see just how far the service has come!For all those who like a bit of nostalgia however, I have managed to find a clip of our beloved Triumph from a 1960s infomercial “The Volunteer Emergency Service“.

Bath Tub 2   Bath Tub Original
We as a group are hoping to bring the bike to some of our upcoming events, starting with the JCB Academy Open Day on Saturday 5th October!

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