Blood Bikers Party Night A HUGE Success!!!

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A very good evening to you all.

Last night  saw (The first) Blood Bikers Party Night held at Fegg Hayes Sports & Social Club. The event was organised by Andy Wilson (SSBB Fundraising Coordinator) and attracted around 100 supporters, which is a fabulous turn out!

Excellent live music was provided by four local bands (See previous blog entries for reference to Hex, Devilrift and Rubicon Hell Yeah) in addition to Ambassadors of Shalom ( who opened proceedings. Everyone involved with SSBB would like to thank these bands for giving up their time to help our charity and from what I heard on the night, the music was very well received!

The real purpose of this post however is to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped make last nights event possible and to everyone who attended and by doing so, helped raise a massive total of £1379.53 for SSBB. This figure includes £215.57 raised today (Sunday) at Lynn’s Raven Cafe.

It is through the generosity of our supporters and the hard work of the volunteers that we will make this happen TOGETHER! We have now taken a huge step to becoming an operational outfit and our very ambitious start date of November 1st 2013 is still well and truly on!

Blood Bikers Party 1   Blood Bikers Party 2

Blood Bikers Party 3   Blood Bikers Party 4

P.s. What does everyone think of our banner? I think it looks great, so thanks to the guys at Graphic Monster ( for producing it!


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